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Perhaps we live in a mechanical universe.
Perhaps we simply dissolve into a pure conservation of energy in a universe where it cannot be destroyed.

Perhaps there is no Oz behind the curtain.
And perhaps it doesn't actually matter what actually matters because we each live, breathe, and die through the only faculties we have: our own sense and our own senses.

I was raised by my adoring mother who is a carrier of the Pachakuti Mesa Shamanic Tradition. I have spent countless hours walking the then veil of 3 o'clock in the morning. I have listened to the ancient quiet of desert canyons and witnessed enough energy to power a metropolis rain down on mountain tops. I've witnessed the most violent man I've ever met collapse under his stifled grief. Ancient Chinese texts, oracles of divination, psychics, traditional native water fasts and sweat lodges, and more.

Admittedly, I have not personally experienced such profoundly irrefutable evidence that there is truly any type of Unseen World. But in my time, in my conversations with the most straight-laced strangers, I always make plenty of space to open the floor to these experiences - and I have heard enough from them to believe through my own sense and senses, that there are far greater forces at play in our realm than we pretend to comprehend. It is a much more enjoyable world for me to live in. For some, an omnipotent force is deeply unsettling, and others find it to be flat-out useless information.


We all see what we look for. I look for the tiniest of winks and plays on probability. I don't look at people, I peer into them. And I often find that I can unearth things they have long-since buried and quietly forgotten about, to discover that it often does not look the way they remember it. And perhaps it wasn't so bad with the perspective of a new intersection of time. This is the power I bring to my relationships.


During my tenure as a wilderness therapy guide, I spent over three years in the field: 555 days sleeping under a tarp humid heat and foot-deep snow alongside people who were fighting for their lives struggling through personality, cognitive, mood, addiction disorders, and more. And - for most of us - it was the best we'd ever felt in our lives. 

We laughed, cried, screamed, broke things, and cried some more in the cradling arms of our Mother Nature. From an apprentice, I soon became the longest-standing guide on my shift, leading the team leaders as a mentor to push the boundaries of what they thought they were capable of holding, of growing, of creating.


Before wilderness therapy, I threw everything I had at an Outward Bound Instructor Development Course. I was all-in immediately after completing my 2,000 hours of service in inner city school with AmeriCorps. Interestingly, my leg buckled on day 2 of 52 - but I felt I had no other choice but to continue; that was the closest I felt I'd ever been to living any dream. The mountains were too vast, the trees too boisterous with valley gusts, the thunderclaps too energizing to turn away and wonder what if.

By course-end and a 10-mile run (well, I hobbled) to the coast, I had no idea if my knee would recover, nor if I could ever be a guide. And for the next year, I fought with myself about whether I made the right decision. Day-in, day-out, I was faced with deep self-doubt, self-judgement, and isolation. It was self-compassion that kept me alight in that darkness.

There are a host of other mundane experiences which have shaped my ability to aid others in shaping themselves. Long lists of tools and skills I've accrued in my brief time on this planet. I won't ramble with the details. This information is here as a partial introduction from a distance. 

I may be the 1 in 10,000 drops it takes for you to make the change that awaits you. I may be the one that tips the bucket. I'm happy to be either. If we do work together, I do not believe it is by accident. You are as much a part of my Path as I will be of yours. I'm looking forward to what we lean into and what we walk away from in our discoveries together.

In conclusion, for all the tools, skills, methodologies, relationships, support, experience, and self-reflection I've completed in my life, not a week goes by that I am not reminded that there is another mountain to climb - and the mountain is me.


I build relationships with my clients based on support, inquiry, challenge, curiosity, non-judgement, creativity, and stranger-than-fiction instigation. My approach combines a structured methodology with an adaptable design, drawing from my extensive experience and research to help you outgrow your current goals and reach for the ones you have yet to imagine. I believe in a "gradual release" method, offering more guidance and skills up front as you progressively internalize and apply them on your own, slowly becoming more acquainted and comfortable with the next version of yourself.





With over 10,000 hours of personal, professional, coaching, and therapeutic development in both 1:1 and group settings, I have the expertise to guide you on your journey towards personal growth, transformation, and integration for lasting change.

8,000+ hours guiding teens, young adults, and their families through the rugged landscapes of Utah and Colorado while teaching them comprehensive therapeutic skill sets in coping and communication skills, ceremony, and reflection in both individual and group settings..

2,000 hours of service with AmeriCorps in under-resourced schools with extensive personal and professional development in education, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

200 hours coaching individuals and couples into healthier, more fulfilling relationships with themselves and each other.

120 credit hours of research psychology at New College of Florida culminating in a dissertation on Self-Compassion in LGBTQIA+ Individuals, later presented at Columbia University.


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