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Everything You Need to Know for Optimal Living (with sources)

Are you too busy to take care of yourself? Looking for ways to improve your lifestyle? Do you want a jam-packed, scientifically-backed list of practices ranging from short, sweet and simple to long, complex, and challenging?

Take 2 minutes to scan this article and dive deeper into the pieces you're missing from your life to start putting into practice right now. Click the links to learn more about daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual practice, plus must-have apps and other life-changing. This article is your road map to your best life.

If you love what you read here but you fear failing on your own, consider getting the extra push you need to succeed.

Note: All suggested practices should be discussed with your doctor, psychiatrist, and personal trainer to ensure best practices for your unique body and mind. This is not a paid blog and none of the links to external sites are partneship sites or provided any form of compensation.

4 rooms to tend to (plus one)

Think of your life as having five "rooms" which you inhabit and how much time and energy you put into each one:






This simple reframe will make it quicker and easier to identify what you need.

First Hour Waking Up

You may already be doing some of these daily essentials for you mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual hygiene. Find just one thing that you can start today, right now.

1 liter water of water on wake-up (add pinch of salt/lemon/turmeric/ginger, and/or cayenne, etc. for added hydration and health benefits)

5 minute Read a passage from a spiritual scripture

15 minute mindful meditation

  • MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction)

  • PQ (Positive Intelligence)

  • MSC (Mindful Self-Compassion)

  • Abraham-Hicks (Law of Attraction & Manifestation)

20 minute yoga

20 minute walk to program circadian rhythm

  • Set one intention/action for the day

Phone on after your walk

Intermittent fasting 16:8 schedule (e.g., only eating 10a-6p)

Throughout Your Day

2-3 liters water

1 act of kindness for another

2 minute speak gratitude before each meal

2 minute thank/affirm one person

2 minute mindfulness

2 minute mindfulness

2 minute mindfulness

10 minutes vigorous exercise (75-85% max heart rate for your age)

20 minutes strength training (2-4xWeek, heavy enough to exhaust muscles after 10-15 reps)

30 minutes doing something that fills you with joy

15 minute walk after dinner

Before Bed

1 hour before bed, no screens

15 minute journal reflection each night

20 minutes reading in bed

Phone off/airplane mode if possible

5 minute affirm yourself to sleep in bed

Daily Total: ~3 hrs of self-care practices throughout each day


Beyond your daily routine, these few suggestions will make the world of difference in your week-to-week.

Quality time socializing with friends, family, strangers

Alternate reading easy fiction/educational non-fiction books

Alternate watching easy fiction/educational non-fiction shows/movies


A couple pieces to boost your confidence in your 30-day goals and plans.

1 hour reviewing last month and planning next month

Gift/donate/get rid of 1 thing you don’t need/use


Most people don't think about life in terms of seasons since the advent of climate-controlled comfortable living. Nevertheless, our environment has a profound impact on all 4 rooms of our well-being.

Do one thing that makes you uncomfortable/challenges your view/beliefs (activity, show, movie, book, etc.)

1 overnight tent camping trip

Meet with therapist/life coach

Attend live music performance

Extended fast (1x per month or season)

  • no food until 11/noon

  • only eat food in daylight

  • 0-4 hours: burning food you just ate and storing any excess energy for later

  • 4-16 hours: start fat-burning and autophagy

  • 16-24 hours: deep fat-burning zone and autophagy

  • 24-72 hrs: ketosis - ketone bodies fuel your brain.  Increase fat loss, autophagy and brain function.

  • 72 hrs+: all benefits increase exponentially


Birthdays and holidays are the go to annual celebrations most of us tend to, but what if you made your own holidays and milestones for yourself?

Solo camping 2-3 nights and/or psychedelic ceremony and/or honor your ancestors and loved ones who have passed

Find a cleanse/detox that’s right for you

1-10 hours volunteering

Attend one spiritual/religious service/practice different from your own

Enroll in professional/personal/academic development course


"You are what you eat." So, are you a fast food combo meal, or a locally-sourced plate of meat, potatoes, and salad?

2.5 cups whole vegetables

2 cups whole fruits

Protein = 1/3 body weight in grams (100# = 33g/day; 200# = 66g/day)

only organic and locally sourced if possible

No artificial/“natural flavor” ingredients

Eliminate gluten/dairy if digestive system does not tolerate well

Helpful Apps:

There's no getting around it - everyone has a smartphone these days. And-like anything-it can be a tool to help or a weapon to harm. Make the most out of your pocket computer.

Phone screen time limiter app

Journaling reminder alarms

Dieting App (Simple)

Mindfulness App (PQ/Headspace)

Budgeting App (Mint)

Other Helpful Tips:

Finally, these life-enhancing skills may hold the key to the paradigm shift you've been searching for. Whether healing the past, accepting the present, building your future, or learning more about the unique being of yourself - each of these tips holds its weight in gold.

Learn Maslow’s and/or Glasser’s needs

Learn Positive Intelligence

Learn “I feel” statements and emotion vs thought/judgement words

Meet with a dietician/nutritionist/herbalist at least once to learn about your body and what, specifically, it needs

Buy at least one personal training package to learn best forms and fitness for your body

Meet with a therapist/somatic experiencing practitioner to do trauma work (everyone has trauma whether big single events or compounding micro events)

Budgeting - 50/30/20 : Needs/Wants/Savings

Need Extra Help?

Are you eager to put these practices into action? Have you tried and failed before? Do you need an extra boost to keep you accountable? Try working with a life coach and feel the difference!

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or dial 911 in case of emergency.

You can find more mental health resources on the Mental Health First Aid website at

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