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It's Easy to Let Ourselves Down

When I think about what I'm willing to do for myself, I think about what I'm willing to do for the people I love and what the people that love me are willing to do for me.

I am constantly taking care of myself, loving myself, coaching myself, forgiving myself - being the person I need myself to be.

That's what I am working, struggling, fighting, and learning for: me.

I try to remember that this whole process – life – is me taking a chance on myself. I remember how easy it can be for people to let themselves off the hook, let themselves down, not hold themselves accountable, because they see themselves as less valuable, that they don't need or deserve the best that they can offer (and often do offer to everyone else) as if they would tell someone they love, "It's okay I didn't show-up for you today. You'll be fine. You can get by with less. You don't deserve my best."

I remember that and I look around and – at the very LEAST – I remember that I am not alone in these thoughts, feelings and experiences. And for everyone else struggling with these things, the BEST thing I can do is to stop that cycle with ME, to start a better cycle with ME, and show everyone that they can do the same and give others what we deserve: THE BEST.

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