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"This has to be one of the most brilliant articles I have ever read"

Well...that's one way to start the day. It's not every day I wake-up to an email like that from a publisher.

Vine Leaves Press is a female collective of internationally-based powerhouses from the U.S., Germany, Greece, England and beyond. Jessica Bell is one of those powerhouses in charge of SPILL IT!, a monthly opinion column written by Vine Leaves Press authors, staff and other contributors designed to spark debate and conversation, often through some controversial content (ooooo!).

Controversy and opinions sounded pretty doable for me; so, about 4 months ago I submitted a piece of Collateral Intentions , a letter I wrote called, "Dear Feminism" (p. 184). The initial response seemed dismissive, "We're looking for something closer to 1,000 words." So I let it go and moved on.

Low and behold, 4 months later, an email saying they're still waiting for my article.

Well that's fuckin' cool.

There's a lesson there about being more tenacious when pursuing publication. Of course, there's a balance to strike between being a go-getter and beating a dead horse. Truth be told, I was so scattered at the time doing author interviews and contacting so many different entities that as soon as I came up against the least resistance, I shrugged and marched onward.


"Dear Feminism" is set to print in their December in their monthly publication. So GO CHECK IT OUT. You can subscribe to it for FREEEEE here, or with any of the hyperlinks in this paragraph. Because they all go to the same place. And if you don't then you're NOT a feminist. REALONESONLY. Nah, jk. But seriously, it's some good stuffs so give it a lil peep.

Also, I made a lil mo' munee$$ from my writing.


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