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Compassion Within

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Cultivate Self-Compassion and Positive Intelligence

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Service Description

Program Outline: Week 1-2: Introduction to Self-Compassion Introduction to the concept of self-compassion and how it can benefit you Reflection exercises to help you identify areas of your life where you could benefit from more self-compassion Strategies for cultivating a kind and compassionate attitude towards yourself Week 3-4: Self-Compassion Practices Introduction to self-compassion practices, such as mindful self-compassion, self-compassion meditation, and loving-kindness meditation Guided meditations and exercises to help you cultivate self-compassion Strategies for incorporating self-compassion practices into your daily routine Week 5-6: Mindfulness and Awareness Introduction to mindfulness and its benefits for mental and emotional well-being Guided meditations and breathing exercises to help you cultivate mindfulness and awareness Strategies for staying present in the moment and avoiding distractions Week 7-8: Understanding Your Saboteurs and Cultivating Your Sage Mindset Introduction to the concept of Saboteurs and how they can undermine your self-compassion practice Reflection exercises to help you identify your Saboteurs and top Sage strengths Strategies for managing your Saboteurs and shifting towards your Sage mindset Program Benefits: Improved self-compassion and self-esteem Reduced stress and anxiety Greater mindfulness and awareness Enhanced emotional regulation Improved daily routines and productivity Increased resilience and well-being

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